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Professor Anthony Klein - a meeting




Stimulated by the inadequate, if not rigged NH&MRC Review released late in September 2005, during December 2005 I decided to seek out someone, who would be in a position to help me comprehend, relate and apply Fröhlich's work in biophysics better. Naturally, this was so that I could see how Fröhich's writings and hypotheses could be better applied to Holt's discoveries and work and, in particular, applied to my hypothesis that the centriole was the site of the UHF cellular involvement. Those who have seen Fröhlich's writings should understand - apart from some brief textual explanations, they are very much of advanced mathematics and quantum theory.


I telephoned around some of the departments at the Melbourne university, and eventually spoke to a Graham Parslow. He suggested that the man who could help me was Professor Tony Klein of the Physics Department.


Accordingly, I contacted Professor Klein and, after several communications, including two e-mails from me headed 'Re: Medical application of Herbert Frohlich's (+umlaut) work.' an appointment time was set on 21st December 2005, later in the afternoon.


I arrived on time, with a bag full of photocopies - some of Holt's spectral patterns, my Submission to the NH&MRC Review, the Review Report, photocopies of Fröhlich's articles and other assorted documents of interest, all to be provided to the great man to read and study and, hopefully, to provide me with sagacity and knowledge in this field.


The afternoon was hot. Professor Klein welcomed me and offered me a cold soft drink from his refrigerator, and we discussed pleasantries - that he had effectively retired, but still worked in his office in the top of the Department's building. He held a consultancy position with the Royal Eye and Ear Hospital and received from time to time letters from cranks telling him how to make perpetual motion machines (or similar): these letters being filed away in his cabinet, indicated with a wave of his hand.


In order to explain why I was there, I launched into the history of the UHF as a cancer treatment, how Holt had detected an absorption of this UHF with a resonance phenomenon and how there had been an NH&MRC Review in 1974-5 stacked with clinicians who were badly advised scientifically. This had resulted in an adverse Finding, so that the UHF treatment and the resonance concept were viewed generally as hocus pocus quackery. The recent NH&MRC Review had not considered my hypothesis because it had not been published in a peer review journal. The good professor considered this appropriate, given the sorry writings of cranks - with another wave of his hand at the filing cabinet.


The idea that there could be a resonance at the frequency of 434 MHz and the mention of quackery seemed to flick a switch with him and the meeting rapidly changed course. He expressed disbelief and the word 'quackery' seemed to catch on. So I quoted Fröhlich's theoretical works as a distinguished relevant authority. The good Professor said that he did not know of Fröhlich ! Nonplussed, I noted that there are sites on the internet where Fröhlich is ranked along with Albert Einstein as a theoretician; one of the greats. Professor Klein scoffed at an internet reference, saying that one can find all sorts of rubbish on the internet. I then showed him the larger of Fröhlich's published papers (Fröhlich H. "The biological effects of microwaves and related questions." Adv. Electron. Electron Phys. 1980; 53:85-152.)  Professor Klein flicked through it, reluctantly conceding that the journal '. . . was probably reputable !'


Things were not going the way I had hoped - in fact, from bad to worse ! Professor Klein then launched into a tirade, saying that I had everything all around the wrong way; first there had to be the basic physical and biophysical studies, then the animal experiments and later the Phase I studies in humans before UHF could be used in humans ! One could not go backwards to find the theoretical basis ! I could not slide a word in edgeways - I was berated as though I was a sports loving, first year science student who had done badly in a physics assignment ! He indicated that I was wasting his time, that he was a very busy man with a lot to do, and so would I go now ? Gathering my bag and bundles of documents, I headed for the door, which closed with a less than restrained push from the inside !


Ironically, there is the possibility that Holt's discoveries may lead to an explanation for two unexplained sensory detection enigmas - how the retina and hair cells of the cochlea may control signal detection - perhaps of relevance and interest one day to the Royal Eye and Ear Hospital and its Consultant in Physics !


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