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Malcolm A Traill

Updated 22/8/2014



I am Malcolm Traill, now over the hill, but with a vast experience in pathology and clinical medicine. Do I have some tales to tell ! I want to tell you of my adventures, findings and tribulations in medical pathology in Australia. Don't let this happen to you or your profession !


SECTIONS- (Newest additions: LITHIUM EFFECTS (see below)

                                          iv VITAMIN C +/- K3, RADIO FREQUENCY HYPERTHERMIA

                                                            & LITHIUM - potential mutual augmentation

                                  Lithium, TNF-α, HSPG, Apoptosis and Cancer

                                          STEM CELLS, CANCER & LITHIUM - Mesothelioma

                                                        RECESSIVE, DYSTROPHIC EPIDERMOLYSIS BULLOSA & LITHIUM

                                                        SUBMISSION TO THE INTEGRITY AND ANTI-CORRUPTION REVIEW

                                                        LITHIUM, HEPARANASE & GYNAECOMASTIA

                                                        DISEASES AND LITHIUM - EXPLAINED - Here it is at last !

                                                        UPDATE to CANCER & LITHIUM - ODDS & ENDS - New information

                                                       HEPATITIS C and LITHIUM

                                                        MULTIPLE MYELOMA - A Cause for Hope ?

                                                       CANCER and LITHIUM - ODDS & ENDS

                                                       YOUR CANCER & LITHIUM TREATMENT

                                                       A Kangaroo Court - Epilogue

                                                       PROSTATE CANCER & LITHIUM - A THERAPEUTIC RENAISSANCE ?

                                                       Statutory Declaration (2008)

                                                       Clinical experience - CHICKENPOX and LITHIUM

                                                       Information Sheet - Acute Gastroenteritis of Adults

                                                        DÉNOUEMENT - Corruption and the Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria

                                                       Thymus, Tolerance & Antigen Factors

                                                       Lithium & Non-Psychiatric Disease

                                                       Dengue Fever — A Trigger for Dissection of the Aorta ?)


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                                                                                    LUPUS ERYTHEMATOSUS,

                                                                                    MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS,
                                                                                    SARCOIDOSIS, HEPATITIS C, etc

                                                                                   INVESTIGATIONS, DIAGNOSIS & TREATMENT                      


Clinical Pathology and Medical Science

Clinical Pathology - its ideal as planned, and its corruption